Carlee Edwards
Stephanie Honore as Carlee Edwards
Production information
First Appearance Party On, Bitches!
Last Appearance TBA
Cause/Reason TBA
Portrayed by Stephanie Honore
Character information
Nicknames Carls (by Bianca)
Gender Female
Birthdate August 29th 1993 (age 15)
Phoenix, Arizona
Family Elisabeth Edwards (mother)

Alex Edwards (brother)
Unnamed father

Significant other Jesse Stapler (boyfriend)

Carlee Edwards (born Carolyn Gabrielle Edwards) is a fictional character created by Cassidee from the one of the secondary familes, the Edwards family in the fictional American teen drama Charleston Heights and is portrayed by actress Stephanie Honore.

Carlee is introduced in the series as the best friend to snooty promiscous alcoholic head cheerleader Bianca Di Angelo. She is the sensitive out of all of the teens and is a very serious person and refuses to joke around with anyone of her seriousness when it comes to her social life.



Like Annabeth, Carlee is also a wise an intelligent girl that is not afraid to speak her mind and opinionate her views on the situation depending on the severity. She is brave and is unafraid to stand up for herself, for others and for what's right. Carlee is shown to "hate" the girls that Bianca hates and is also a cheerleader on the cheerleading squad and is dating football quarterback Jesse Stapler. Like Juniper, Carlee and her brother Alex are also biracial and is from Bajan (father) and Norwegian (mother) descent.


Carlee and Alex were abandoned by their father who was with their mother, Elisabeth around the time of thier births but didn't believe that the children were truly his and he left and the two are being solely raised by their single mother, Elisabeth. Her father is unknown to this day. When Carlee was younger and was still living in Phoenix, her mother was struggling to make ends meet to care for her and her brother. This then prompted Carlee to then take a temporary babysitting job which then became out of control when she embezzled money to help pay the bills, she referrs to it as "getting $1500 from nobody".

Season 1


  • Jesse Stapler
    • Start Up: "Pilot" (1x01)