Cody Joseph Woodward
Shannon Kook-Chun as Cody Woodward

First Appearance


Portrayed by

Shannon Kook-Chun


Codster (by Luke), C-dawg (by Grover)




January 19th 1993 (age 15)
Seoul, South Korea


Emily Woodward (mother)
Chris Woodward (brother)

Cody Joseph Woodward is a fictional character created by Cassidee from the one of the secondary familes, the Woodward family in the fictional American teen drama Charleston Heights and is portrayed by Degrassi actor Shannon Kook-Chun.

Cody is introduced in the series as a new gay transfer student from Seoul, South Korea who shows an interest in Luke in his first few episodes in the show.


Cody comes from a Korean family headed by his mother, Emily. While living in South Korea, Cody moved around the country going from school to school to get a fresh start every 3 years. Cody is an honor student that is considered a 'brain' by all of his friends and family because he is the smartest out of all of his family members because retains an I.Q. of 134. The prominent reason why he, his mom and brother moved to the USA was because his father was killed during war and his mother stated that "there is nothing left here for us in Korea".

Season 1