Hermes Richard Castellan
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Dylan Neal as Hermes Castellan

First Appearance


Portrayed by

Dylan Neal


Dad (by Luke and Courtney)




June 17th 1965 (age 43)
Cheyenne, Wyoming


Luke Castellan (son)
Courtney Hall (daughter)

Significant Other(s)

Denise Hall (wife, one daughter)
May Castellan (ex-wife, one son)

Hermes Richard Castellan is a fictional character from the one of the core familes, the Hall-Castellan family in the fictional American teen drama Charleston Heights and is portrayed by Smallville actor Dylan Neal.

Hermes is introduced in the series as a widowed single father who raises his two children on his own after his wife, May supposedly dies.


Hermes Castellan was born on June 17th 1965 and comes from a conservative German Catholic family. Hermes met his first wife, May while waiting in line at a gelato shop in 1987. The two married in Fiji in 1992 and their son, Luke was born on September 24th 1993 but Hermes was cheating on May with a woman named Denise Hall and was dating her as well. She was pregnant with his daughter, Courtney whom was born on November 21st 1993. May divorced Hermes when she found out that he was dating another woman and fathered Denise's daughter. May supposedly died in 1994 after Hermes remarried.. to Denise. Hermes was formerly a police officer and now works as a real estate broker to support his children on his own.

Season 1