Jesse Marcus Stapler
PDVD 00163
Robbie Amell as Jesse Stapler

First Appearance


Portrayed by

Robbie Amell


Staples and J-Man (by Percy)




November 12th 1993 (age 15)
Red River, Colorado


Braxton Stapler (father)
Isabelle Stapler (mother)

Significant Other(s)

Carlee Edwards (girlfriend)

Jesse Marcus Stapler is a fictional character created by Cassidee from the one of the secondary familes, the Stapler family in the fictional American teen drama Charleston Heights and is portrayed by Picture This! actor Robbie Amell.

Jesse is introduced in the series as the boyfriend to cheerleader Carlee Edwards and comes from a privileged life and is a downright decent person who just gets along with everyone, even with people who aren't his friends; He is shown to hate Brian MacGregor because of him being a bully to everyone, especially to his close friend, Sean Slater.


Before the series started, Jesse comes from a privileged family and is the son of CEO billionaire Braxton Stapler and his wife Isabelle. Jesse is the only child of the family who has moved to Charleston Heights from Manhattan after his father is named CEO of a new corporate company. He is the boyfriend to cheerleader Carlee Edwards.

Jesse is shown to be a caring and honest guy who is not afraid to speak his mind on situations. He is an honest guy and is faithful to Carlee and resists cheating on her.

Season 1


  • Carlee Edwards
    • Start Up: "Pilot" (1x01)