Lucas Andrew "Luke" Castellan
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Jake Abel as Luke Castellan

First Appearance


Portrayed by

Jake Abel


Hothead (by Michelle), Weird Emo Kid (by Brian)




September 24th 1993 (age 15)
Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom


Hermes (father)
May Castellan (mother; "deceased")
Denise Hall (stepmother)
Courtney Hall (paternal half-sister)

Significant Other(s)

Justice Gonzalez (girlfriend)

Lucas Andrew "Luke" Castellan (The Charleston Heights "Out Of Character" Version) is a fictional character from the one of the core familes, the Hall-Castellan family in the fictional American teen drama Charleston Heights and is portrayed by actor Jake Abel.

Luke is introduced in the series as a slacker who doesn't care about his future and is somewhat of a troublemaker. He is also shown to be loving towards his girlfriend in the beginning but then becomes extremely physically abusive to his cheerleader girlfriend Justice Gonzalez.


Luke and his parents were somehow one big happy family living in the city of Glasgow until his mother supposedly died while Luke was at the age of 7. After his mother's "funeral", Luke and Hermes were left widowed and on their own to fend for themselves in the world. Hermes took on a second job to take better care of Luke, prompting the two men to return to the United States but Luke started showing signs of resentfulment and hatred toward Hermes. Luke lashes out in rebellious behaviour as the result of the "death" and is somewhat of a criminal. Luke is shown to be a lousy student in school and doesn't care about his education which explains his poor grades and bad attendance record and on the verge of expulsion.

Season 1


  • Justice Gonzalez
    • Start Up: Grade 9