Nico Christoper Di Angelo
Kellan Lutz as Nico Di Angelo

First Appearance

Prep Kids and Alcohol

Portrayed by

Kellan Lutz


Self-Absorbed Idiot (by Jesse)




December 25th 1993 (age 15)
Nazareth, Pennsylvania


Maria Di Angelo (mother)
Bianca Di Angelo (fraternal twin sister)
Unnamed father
Jessica Kowalski (neice via Bianca; given up for adoption)

Nico Di Angelo is a fictional character from the one of the core familes, the Di Angelo family in the fictional American teen drama Charleston Heights and is portrayed by Twilight/90210 actor Kellan Lutz.

Nico is introduced in the series as the typical fraternal twin brother to Bianca Di Angelo who is highly skilled in physical fist fighting with his high school enemies and the regular American sport, Football.


A lucky miracle, Nico and her sister Bianca were born on Christmas Day of 1993 when their mother, Maria Di Angelo was 15 years old, thus, becoming a teen mother.

Like Luke, Nico is shown to be an agressive, angry young man who does not care about his education and is a lousy student but gets himself into trouble at every turn. It is implied that Nico is protective of his sister, Bianca for every opportunity that comes up. He is usually a loner and Luke is his only best friend at Charleston Public High School. He is shown to have strong friendships with Percy, Grover, Sean and Jesse.

Like Percy, Nico is also diagnosed with EHRD.

Season 1