Perseus "Percy" Poseidon Jackson
Logan Lerman as Percy Jackson

First Appearance


Portrayed by

Logan Lerman


Seaweed Brain (By Annabeth), P-Man (By Grover), Perce (By Michelle)




August 18th 1993 (age 15)
Manhattan, New York


Poseidon (father)
Sally Jackson (mother)
Dominique Roberts (2nd cousin)
Jim Jackson (maternal grandfather)
Laura Jackson (maternal grandmother)
Zeus (uncle)
Hades (uncle)
Hera (aunt)
Tracy Baker-Guaciano (aunt)
Luigi Guaciano (uncle)

Significant Other(s)

Annabeth Chase (girlfriend)
Bianca Di Angelo (one night stand)

Perseus Poseidon "Percy" Jackson (The Charleston Heights "Out Of Character" Version) is a fictional character from the one of the core familes, the Jackson family in the fictional American teen drama Charleston Heights and is portrayed by actor Logan Lerman.

Percy is introduced in the series as a calm and collective middle-class working kid who has it all, Annabeth, the 'A' average, the seemingly perfect family and great friends until it all comes crashing down from a mistake that he made and a mistake that his father made by cheating on his wife and Percy's mother Sally Jackson.


Before the series started, Percy is described to be a kind, loyal and caring friend who is willing to do anything for anyone. At the age of 12, he was diagnosed with EHRD (Extreme Hyperactive Rage Disorder) and ADHD which is clued that he had inherited from his father. He is shown to be independant from his parents and doesn't require much assistance unless he asks for it. When it comes to it, he either asks for assistance from family and friends. Because of his EHRD, Percy is known to have a short fuse and will blow his temper quickly causing him to become violent and angry at the person that caused him to lose his temper.

Percy has grown up a spoiled kid with his parents giving him whatever he wanted when he deserved it. His father, Poseidon favoured him and dubbed him "his favourite son" the day he was born. Sally was a nurturing mother and always respected Percy and his decisions, judgement and actions but knew that there were consequences that came with his actions. Percy has never met his grandparents or his second cousin that his mother keeps mentioning to him about all the time.

Annabeth Chase

In the 7th grade, he met the new girl, Annabeth Chase. He, Grover and Annabeth instantly became best friends but grew close to Annabeth and formed a bond. For quite some time, Percy harbored a crush on Percy but then realized that the feeling was mutual and the two began dating on October 05th 2005. In the beginning of the series, the two have currently been dating for three years.

Season 1


  • Annabeth Chase
    • Start Up: Grade 7