Jonathon Adam "Sean" Slater
Josh Hutcherson as Sean Slater

First Appearance


Portrayed by

Josh Hutcherson


Slates (by Grover), Rudolph (by Percy)




December 30th 1993 (age 15)
Detroit, Michigan


Devin Slater (father)
Hannah Slater (sister; deceased)
Alicia Moliro (neice via Hannah)
Cody Moliro (nephew via Hannah)


Employee at Zellers

Jonathon Adam "Sean" Slater is a fictional character created by Cassidee from the one of the secondary familes, the Slater family in the fictional American teen drama Charleston Heights and is portrayed by Bridge to Terabithia actor Josh Hutcherson.

Sean is introduced in the series as a middle-class kid growing up in a single father parent household who is troubled after the loss of his sister, Hannah. After reading her will, he becomes the sole caregiver to his neice and nephew, Alicia & Cody.


Before the series started, Sean and his sister Hannah were being raised by their father after their mother lost custody of them due to hardcore drug abuse. Later on, Hannah got married at 21 and had her twin children who she named Alicia and Cody and Sean became an uncle but when Hannah died of a fatal car crash 3 years later, Sean becomes their legal guardian and cares for them on his own because his father is never around to help him.

Sean is a loving person and never turns anyone away for help. He is shown to be a friendly person but if his temper is flared with, Sean becomes violent. Other than that flaw, Sean is seemingly happy person but the fact that his father is never around to help him be a father figure to his neice and nephew upsets him.

Season 1